What We Do

Our foundation team has initiated activities and events that enable us to raise funds and other in-kind support to accomplish our 04 programs such as Education, Health, Community Service and Disaster Response which are consisted of 20 major projects:

  1. Children’s Bikes for Education
  2. Mengly J. Quach Public School Construction
  3. Mengly J. Quach Scholarship
  4. Mengly J. Quach Mobile Library
  5. Teaching and Learning Quality
  6. Oknha Dr. Mengly J. Quach’s Charity Workshop
  7. Health Emergency Responses
  8. Mengly J. Quach Blood Banking
  9. Dr. Quach Mobile Medical Clinic
  10. Health Infrastructure Construction
  11. Mengly J. Quach Nursing Home
  12. Emergency Responses
  13. Mengly J. Quach Food Banking
  14. Community Construction
  15. Gift In Kinds
  16. Smart Startup
  17. The Mengly J. Quach Prize
  18. Disaster Preparedness
  19. Disaster Responses
  20. Livelihood Resilience

Education Program

We want to improve school facilities and environment to ensure safe and comfortable educational environment for students of primary and junior high schools.
Mengly J. Quach Foundation is actively involved in promoting better education around Cambodia, to further our mission to build civil society in the country. We are actively involved in developing and managing schools in partnership with the government by delivering high quality education to thousands of youths, and supporting potential future leaders, all the way through their tertiary education. The main purpose of MJQ Education Program is to aim in improving school facilities and surroundings to ensure safe and comfortable educational environment for primary to high schools’ students.

Health Program

We contribute to improve health facilities for strengthening the quality of health services and accessibility of vulnerable family and community.
Mengly J. Quach Foundation helps promote healthy lifestyle in a number of communities throughout Cambodia. We work to link up health initiatives to ensure the students we support are healthy to pursue their education. In addition to that, the MJQ Foundation supports several health activities outside of its core focus that directly address poverty by providing health services to communities where necessary, or lack any health service support. The main purpose of MJQ Health Program is to aim in contributing highly improved health facilities for strengthening the quality of health services and accessibility of the vulnerable family and community.

Community Service Program

Vulnerable people and communities gain protection and improve living standards through community development activities and infrastructure renovation.
This program is generally embarked for the development and up-keeping of the communities in Cambodia. The programs predominantly intend to assist in building more restrooms, wells, roads, bridges, and providing necessary support such as clothes and foods to vulnerable people in the most remote areas of Cambodia.

Disaster Responses Program

The poor family and community are able to cope with disaster and their livelihood resilience.
Mengly J. Quach Foundation has designed and developed MJQ Disaster Relief Program with an aim to ensure the victims of various disasters are taken care of. Our program includes elements of disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction for the benefits of vulnerable populations in times of emergency. We work with authorities at local and provincial levels to strengthen community level disaster management and response. Areas of priority include addressing the impact and aftermath on poor communities due to natural hazards such as floods and droughts, as well as the effects of climate change and the risks from emerging pandemic threats.

How We Work

Through collaboration with NGOs and local authorities, MJQ Foundation have smoothly implemented its activities of each project which demonstrated that MJQ Foundation has made significant progress toward comprehending the necessity of proper achievements that benefited to thousands of families which are vulnerable, orphanage, poor and elders.

Our major fund sources are from Mengly J. Quach Education Plc, Q & Q and other donations from teachers/students and outsiders. Anyway, to ensure the financial stability, MJQ Foundation has cooperated with teachers/students and relevant units/departments within Mengly J. Quach Education initiates some fundraising activities for extra income to support MJQF’ project implementation.

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