Smart Start-Up Project

The Smart Business Initiative is similar to the Charitable Donation Project, which was launched in late 2018 and was officially approved by Dr. Quach Mengly in 2019. The main purpose of this project is to encourage young Cambodians to use their abilities to create new ideas or talents and creative ideas in business to earn income for their families and groups for the benefit of society. In 2019, seeing the creativity of the Boeung Trabek Garbage Youth Group, Oknha Dr. Quach Mengly through the Mengly J. Quach Foundation donated $ 5,000 and some coffee shop equipment to the garbage group, including 2 rattan tables with mirrors above, 2 grinding tables, 2 drawers, 8 rattan sofas, 2 hand wash basins, 1 dishwasher, and 1,500 paper coffee cups.