Mengly J. Quach Food Banking Project

This project is our hunger-relief program designed to promote the culture of sharing in the community in Cambodia. MJQ Food Banking aims at increasing access to clean, healthy and nutritious meals to our communities with high poverty rate, and fostering education on proper hygiene and eating behavior, and building a community where food wastage and food surplus are balanced. Since its formation, the project has conducted nearly 239 charitable food donation events, serving more than 45,922 people. It was remarkable that during Cambodia has been suffered from the Covid-19 epidemic, to contribute to the fight against Covid-19 with Royal Government of Cambodia, Mengly J. Quach Foundation conducted 21 times from 216th to 236th MJQ Food Banking to donate 13,960 kg of rice and 12,020 cans of canned fish to 731 families of the MQJE’s staff and 1,478 poor families from Sangkat Vealsbov and Koki commune affected by Covid-19 outbreaking during school unplanned vacation. Recently, in 2020 Cambodia is facing seriously with the flash flood that affected 148,597 families from 20 municipalities and provinces of Cambodia, Mengly J. Quach Foundation conducted 3 more Food Banking events to donate 494 package of food such as 9,880 kg of rice, 494 boxes of canned fish, 494 boxes of noodle, 494 packs of soy sauce, 988 k.g of dry radish and 10,000 riel/family to 494 families from Sangkat Roluos, Sangkat Vealsbov and Koki commune. The above donations are costing $29,059.55 and benefitting to 494 families from different Sangkats and commune who are affected by 2020 flash flood.