Health Infrastructure Construction Project

This project is designed to seek for local and international contributors who could help donate supplies pertaining to the betterment of health services in Cambodia as a whole. The main purpose of the health infrastructure construction project is to contribute to improving the quality of health, especially to improve the quality of health services and convenience for vulnerable families and communities by providing wells, toilets and health equipment to health centers, referral hospitals in the capital, provinces and districts as well. MJQ Foundation fully sponsors the shipping and loading costs of all the donations it has received, both in the region and from across the continents. On January 31, 2016, MJQ Foundation received 174 electrical hospital beds from Canton “Bruderholz”. It has donated, so far, to the following local hospitals: 1) Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope (10 beds), 2) Preah Ang Duong Hospital (10 beds), 3) Preah Ket Mealea Hospital (15 beds), 4) Nursing Care of The Royal Gendarmeries of Phnom Penh (12 beds), 5) Preah Kossamak Hospital (10 beds), 6) Children’s Surgical Center (10 beds), 7) Graphis Health Center (10 beds), 8) Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital (20 beds), 9) Battambang Provincial Referral Hospital (10 beds), and 5th Military Region Hospital (11 beds). And lastly in 2019, MJQ Foundation donated 13 electrical hospital beds to hospitals and health centers in Preah Vihear province while 10 electrical hospital beds donated to hospitals and health centers in Kratie province. Remarkably Noted, the Mengly J. Quach Foundation built 1 water well to Damrey Phong Health Center in Damrey Phong Commune, Chhlong District, Kratie Province with 14,670 recipients.