A Good Friend To Needy: Over Half A Million People Received Help From MJQ Foundation

When Neak Oknha Dr. Mengly J. Quach, the founder, chairman and CEO of MJQ Education, established Mengly J. Quach Foundation in 2004, he wished to be committed to improving the life and well-being of the most vulnerable population through the provision of basic necessities, especially health care and education.
In the following 16 years, the philanthropic organization has proved to be a good friend to the needy by delivering helps to underprivileged communities as well as saving and changing hundreds of thousands of lives.

According to Sam An Sem, the Program Manager of MJQ Foundation, since its founding, the foundation, with the collaboration with NGOs, companies, government agencies and local authorities, been implementing its programs and projects in 20 provinces and municipalities.
As of last month, around 582,000 people have received assistance from MJQ Foundation, and number keeps growing every day. To reach its goal of seeing a better Cambodia and better lives for underprivileged Cambodians, the Foundation has provided scholarships and studying materials students, health care and medical assistances to patients and relief to those who struggle even to sustain their livelihood.
“Our team have been doing our best to help those who are in need, and their smiles are the reasons that drive us to do more and work harder,” Sam An said.

Euk Nuth, a 21-year-old son from a poor farming family from Batambang, was awarded an undergraduate scholarship from MJQ Foundation this year, and he said it completely changed his life.
“I am so excited because Dr. Mengly has provided me with a full scholarship for 4 years, along with accommodation and a job which allows me to learn a lot more,” Nuth said with both smile and tears of joy on his face.
“I could hardly even imagine having what I have today.”
Meanwhile, Dith Savy, who for years has been paralyzed because of in a car accident, was one of the people whose lives were changed by the Community Service Program, after he has received food and clothing aids, as well as a small house from the Foundation.
“I used to feel anxious every night, about whether I could have a house with a small income which barely enables me to sustain my living,” he said.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has afflicted Cambodia since January last year, has brought serious challenges to mobility all over the Kingdom, yet it has not entirely prevented the Mengly J. Quach Foundation from continuing to help more people.
Dr Mengly J. Quach, Executive Director of Mengly J. Quach Foundation, said although the pandemic has made it hard for the foundation to deliver help to the people, his foundation has always work out the best way to bring help to those who are in need.
“We have done our best to overcome the challenges, and we are able to save lives and change the future of many people,” he said.

Dr. Mengly said he wanted to see his charity organization becomes a local leader in helping the underprivileged people, especially youth and children, and communities for a better Cambodia, but to reach that goal, there are still many hurdles to overcome.
“First of all, the pandemic is still here as the biggest challenge to our charity works, and we must work together to get rid of it,” he said. “Secondly, most of the funding of the MJQ Foundation comes from our Mengly J. Quach Education, and that is not enough to provide for the needy people.”

“Therefore, I would like to call for the public to join us so that many more lives and futures can be improved.”

If you would like to contribute to our causes, you can make donation to Mengly J. Quach Foundation via:
1. ABA Bank Account’s name: Mengly J. Quach Education Plc, Account Number: #001082097
2. ACLEDA Bank Account’s name: Mengly J. Quach Foundation, Account Number: #3473-0199-7997-17 (for US dollar) or #3473-0199-7997-27 (for Khmer riel)