MJQ Foundation and Aii Students Donate Toilet to School in Pursat Province

On November 30, 2019, Mengly J. Quach Foundation, Teachers, and Students of Aii Language Center (Aii) and American Intercon School (AIS), donated one toilet with 3 rooms to teachers and students of Koh RoKor Primary School, located in Pursat province, in the purpose to meet the needs and financial shortages of school as well as to improve the hygiene, water sanitation, and  environment in this school. The toilet construction was started on October 24, 2019 and completed on November 25, 2019 with a total cost of 16,000,000 Riels (US $ 4,000), raised from Talents For A Cause 8, organized by Aii and AIS on March 31, 2019, at the Conference Hall of the Institute of Technology Cambodia, with 1,000 participants, and  877 tickets sold out.

It would be highlighted that the inauguration ceremony of the toilet was held on that day with the presence of officials of Pursat Provincial Department of Education, Youth and Sports, Deputy Governor of Phnom Kravanh District, teachers, students and parents of students, with total of 236 participants. Together with the inauguration ceremony of the toilet to Koh Rokor Primary School, Mengly J. Quach Foundation also donated 50 packages of clothes to the people who attended the event. It is worth noting that so far, Mengly J. Quach Foundation has undertaken several development activities in Koh Rokor Primary School, which has costed over $ 10,000 including 1 toilet construction , 1 pumping mechine, 90 student arm chairs, 87 sets of student uniform, 87 packages of learning materials (student bags, books, pens, pencil), teaching materials and stationery.

MJQ Foundation’s donation activities have significantly contributed to the development of the educational sector in Cambodia and helped improve literacy in the villages and communities that are currently facing inadequacy of needed materials to educate children. MJQ Foundation continues to respond to the needs of Cambodian society, in particular, to contribute to the development of the community and areas in need or those who are facing various problems. This activity is to show support to Khmer children as they educate themselves to have better understanding at present and in the future.