MJQ Foundation conducts official pump well opening ceremony and donates electronic hospital beds to health center in Chhlong District, Kratie province

On January 30, 2019, a pump well which is a generous gift from Oknha Dr. Quach Mengly through the Mengly J. Quach Foundation was officially inaugurated at Domrey Pong Health Center, located in Bos village, Damrey Pong commune, Chhlong district, Kratie province.

The construction was starting on December 01, 2018 and completed on December 15, 2018 with the depth of 31 meters and it is the second pump well that Oknha Dr. Quach Mengly provides to Domrey Pong Health Centers, while the first one was built in 2004 and broken 2018. The purpose of construction of those wells is to response the need of clean water for use in health centers, also villagers who are living nearby the Health Center.

At the same day, Mengly J. Quach Foundation also provided 04 electronic hospital beds to health center for patients who stay at health center also delivery room, while other 06 electronic hospital beds provided to Chhlong District Health Office for distributing to health center and health post in Kratie province. In addition, there were 60 packages of clothes and sweaters donated to the poor and elderly villagers in Domrey Pong commune.

From the above activity, it has certainly contributed significantly to social development, especially in disadvantaged remote areas such as poor, elderly and children that is fully supported to poverty reduction in Cambodia through collaboration with other partners in government agencies, local/international organizations, and also private sectors.