Our Vision

We envision a better Cambodian society where most vulnerable and underprivileged population has proper and equal access to education, healthcare, food and other basic necessities for a better living and preserved human dignity and values.

Our Mission

We are contributing to a peaceful and harmonious Cambodian society through the provision of access to basic necessities and opportunities to the most vulnerable and underprivileged society.


  • To improve school facilities and surroundings to ensure safe and comfortable educational environment for primary and junior high schools students.
  • To contribute in improving health facilities for strengthening the quality of health services and accessibility of vulnerable society.
  • To provide resource in mobilization and infrastructure development for vulnerable people and families to gain protection and improve the living standards in their community.
  • To provide support to family and community faced with poverty in coping with disaster and livelihood resilience.

Core Values

1. We are Unity
2. We are Steward
3. We are Committed to the vulnerable or low income families
4. We are Responsive